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Pool Cleaning - Complete Service
Complete pool service/cleaning is for those owners that want everything taken care of so that your time spent around the pool is quality time with family and friends.
Steps taken for Complete Pool Service Weekly:
  1. Check and balance all water chemistry (water chemistry test).
  2. Net the surface of pool to remove debris.
  3. Clean pool tile of any oil and debris.
  4. Check/clean filter accordingly.
  5. Vacuum swimming pool/spa.
  6. Brush walls, steps, and seats when needed.
  7. Empty the skimmer and pump basket.
  8. Inspect all swimming pool equipment.
  9. Top off Pool if needed.
  10. Hose off deck.
  11. Leave a Pool Service Slip detailing extra chemicals/work added and condition of pool/spa equipment.
(Basic tabs, shock and acid chemicals are included in this price)
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